Insider News über den geplanten Bikepark Idarkopf

Insider news about the planned bike park Idarkopf

Neatflow's TalkThru: In conversation with Nico Reuter

Insider news about the planned bike park Idarkopf

The new Bikepark Idarkopf is about to open - right? 23 km of trails are planned - from professional level to beginner level. As a topping there should be lifts, a campsite and a bike wash station. We asked Nico Reuter what else awaits us in the Bikepark Idarkopf. Hear or read insider facts worth knowing about the planned project in our interview.


Neatflow: Hi Nico! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. We heard that the time has come and that the new Bikepark Idarkopf is in the starting blocks. When will the first bikes roll down the Idarkopf?

Nico: That's the first question I've been asked the most by far over the last few years. The fact is that the project has been delayed for many years because it is a relatively large project. And so, as far as approval goes, it's not that easy, so I'd hate to answer the question. Final approval has not yet been issued, even though we have recently reached important milestones. If everything goes well, we will get the permits this year and maybe start building the track as early as next year. That's our goal. Unfortunately, I can't say anything at the moment as to whether there will be an opening next year.


Neatflow: What can we expect in the new Bikepark Idarkopf?

Nico: The Bikepark Idarkopf is a really big tourism project. In a way that has never been seen before in Germany. A bike park will practically be created from an old winter sports area that is no longer active. Absolutely with a focus on mountain biking. This means that there will be a high probability that there will no longer be winter sports, but cycling all year round. We are completely remodeling the area and are orienting ourselves towards the wishes of the mountain bike community. And I think that's what makes the project so special. First and foremost there will be mountain bike routes, there will be a transport system to bring the mountain bikers to the top, gastronomy, a bike shop and much more. Ultimately a place where mountain bikers can really feel at home and at ease. The whole thing is based on a great variety of routes.


Neatflow:  How many MTB routes are planned? What are the difficulty levels of the MTB trails?

Nico: We will have something for different target groups and for everyone in general. We start with green routes, which is rather rare in Germany that there are green routes at all. The introduction is therefore also great for total beginners. There will be everything from blue, red to black or even black diamond, so super black tracks and these tracks will be divided very well. There will be a total of 23 kilometers of track. That's quite a lot for a German Mittelberg location.


Neatflow: Are MTB beginner driving courses or MTB advanced driving technique courses also offered in the new Bikepark Idarkopf? And if so, by whom?

Nico: That will definitely be offered, also by the operating company, which we will then manage. At the end of the day, we really want everyone to be able to get into the sport, which is why we have also partnered with Rose Bikes to enable rental. Fox will provide appropriate clothing and helmets so that people can borrow something to try out MTB without having to make any direct investments, and then there will be appropriate riding technique courses for beginners, advanced or even professionals.


Neatflow: Will the new bike park pay attention to sustainability and environmental friendliness in nature? Can you tell us something about this?

Nico: As with all our projects - and that's how it is with Neatflow, where we were involved from the start - we attach great importance to nature compatibility, sustainability and environmental compatibility. You have to be aware that even if it is an old winter sports area, we are making a major intervention in nature with this project. But that is the case with everything we humans do. When we go out into nature, we leave a footprint, even if we just drive to the bike park and eat out. Then we left a footprint. But even with the encroachment by the routes, this means an encroachment on nature, to compensate for this we have very extensive compensatory measures that even go beyond what is required in the approval process. In addition, we will rely heavily on renewable energies and of course also offer Neatflow, which is also a sustainable contribution, because then all bikes in the park will only be cleaned with Neatflow and that is an advantage for nature.


Neatflow: Will the Idarkopf Bike Park cooperate with other parks, such as the Erbeskopf Bike Park or the Hunsrück Bike Region?

Nico: I don't want to rule anything out at this point. Of course, there are always synergy effects. However, since we have very high quality standards for our concept and our project, we will of course also compare this with other parks and then see if the quality standards in projects are the same or similar and whether a cooperation makes sense. At this point in time, however, it is still too early to rate it. But I'm sure that the entire region will benefit from the Idarkopf.

Neatflow: It remains exciting! We look forward to being able to help with the bike wash after the rides on the Idarkopf! Thanks for the interview Nico!

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