Neatflow‘s Dreifaltigkeit der Fahrradpflege

Neatflow's trinity of bike care

Green conscience with environmentally friendly bike cleaning

After a long trail ride, does your bike need a thorough cleaning? Even if the dirt is particularly stubborn, don't you want to give up an environmentally friendly conscience? Our NEATFLOW bike cleaners are biodegradable and sustainable. As a sporty and nature-loving rider, you can rely on environmental friendliness when cleaning your bike without having to sacrifice effectiveness.

In the following blog article we reveal what the trinity of bike care is, why our bike cleaning agents work on a biological basis and how you can use them not only to protect nature, but also your conscience.


What is the trinity of bike cleaning?

The three elements TIME, CHEMISTRY and MECHANICS make up the basis of conventional bicycle cleaning - we at NEATFLOW simply call this the trinity of bicycle care. But do you really need all three components for effective bike care?

TIME describes the exposure time of the cleaner and thus the time required to remove dirt from a bicycle. 

CHEMISTRY designates the proportion of harmful chemical substances contained in a cleaning agent.

MECHANICS is the work and engineering you put into getting a clean bike.


If you want to reduce an element, the other parts increase proportionally. For example, if you have a good technique for maintaining your bike, you will need less time. But what about the chemical part? Can this also be reduced or removed from the content list?


Does an eco-friendly bike cleaner work?

Can an environmentally friendly bicycle cleaner on a biological basis and without a lot of chemicals effectively remove dirt from a bicycle? Our answer: YES! All elements of the trinity formula of bike care may vary. If one factor decreases, this means that the others increase. This means that the less chemical substances are in a cleaner, the more work and time is required.

Conventional cleaners therefore often rely on the chemical element in order to keep the other factors to a minimum. Because chemical additives not only speed up the cleaning process, they also simplify it – at the expense of nature. Since chemical substances usually harm the environment, their proportion should be kept as low as possible.

The NEATFLOW cleaner works on the basis of natural cleaning agents. Since it is not entirely possible without chemicals, we have reduced them as much as possible in our products and are therefore the most sustainable bike cleaner in the world become. With a little more technology, you not only protect the environment and yourself while cleaning your bike, but also the materials of the bike.


Green conscience with environmentally friendly bike care

However, it is not only the role of the environment that is decisive when it comes to cleaning your bike, but also that of your own conscience. Since the three factors TIME, CHEMISTRY and MECHANICS described above can vary, nature is also affected to varying degrees. If there are few chemical ingredients in the bike cleaner, the environment is spared from harmful influences - and so is your conscience. Because your conscience is only clear when you leave as few footprints as possible.

Our principle: With an environmentally friendly bicycle cleaner you not only wash your bike clean, but also your conscience.



Our conclusion for a clean bike care

Nature not only offers us fantastic trails, but also space for biking in general. To keep it that way, NEATFLOW leaves no traces. Because our bike cleaners are biodegradable and sustainable. Bike care not only rewards you with a clean bike, but also with a clear conscience and natural trails that stay fresh.


Green  washing statt greenwashing

Your NEATFLOW team


PS: A bicycle should be cleaned and maintained regularly to protect it from contamination and corrosion. You will find out how best to proceed and what to look out for in one of our next blog posts.

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