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From sustainable bike cleaner to the green bike trend

After a long day at work, do you also prefer to jump on your bike and cover one or the other route - whether on trails or asphalt? Your weekend is especially perfect when you take a particularly long ride in the countryside? Stress relief to the fullest, as Lifestyle or Health Magazine call it. A lush and flourishing nature should not be missing here. It has been proven that the view of the countryside not only makes you healthy, but also makes our bike sessions more beautiful. To keep it that way, as a sustainable bike cleaner brand, we want to support nature. Do you share our views? Then become part of our growing community now.


What makes the NEATFLOW community?

Why are we a sustainable bike cleaner with a growing community? #becausewecare! The special thing about the Neatflow community is that we all not only share the passion for biking, but also the love for nature. That's why we at Neatflow take care of biodegradable bike care products in our product range, which in turn relieve the bike community with many sustainability aspects. Because as bikers we don't want to leave footprints.


Who is the Neatflow Community?

More and more riders identify with our sustainable bike products. Only recently did we receive mail from André, who, after an extensive forest and meadow test, described the Neatflow products as impressive. Last but not least, because they are odorless, biodegradable and without additives, effectively clean and care for them. By the way, you can find the video for his product test here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEF_1ZSGG5M).


If you also have suggestions, reviews or feedback on our products, you are welcome to leave us a comment or tag us in your post on social media. You can now find us on Instagram (Link), Tiktok (Link) and Youtube (Link).


You want to be part of the Neatflow Family?

Are you passionate about exploring nature with your bike? You don't want to care for your bike with conventional chemical clubs or greenwashing products even after riding? Do you share André's opinion that the sweet smell of jam belongs on bread but not on the bike? Then you are exactly right here! Become part of our Neatflow family now and clean your bike sustainably, biodegradable and odorless from now on.


You don't need to be a pro driver, be a videographer, or have 10K followers on Instagram to join our community. Actually, it is enough if you do your personal part to preserve nature. Start pampering your bike with sustainable and green bike care right away. If at all, you only leave traces with your tires, but not with your footprints. Incidentally, nature also sprout parallel to the growth of our community, so you can continue to share our sustainable attitude with a green conscience. Then: A larger Neatflow community = more nature. Let's grow together and protect nature. Tell us in a comment what makes you a green Neatflow community rider. Let's ride together!
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Guten Tag, mein Name ist Tarrus bin 13 Jahre alt und lebe in der Schweiz.
Ich bin leidenschaftliche Mountainbiker. Mit meinen 13 Jahren bin ich stets und ständig in der Natur unterwegs. Auf Trails und Bikeparks.
Es ist immer eine Herausforderung für mich und mein Bike die uns viel Spass bereitet. So sieht mein Bike danach auch aus. Es braucht dann immer eine Reinigung die auch für die Umwelt gerecht ist. Zu sehen ist unser Spass auf Fotos und Videos, die ich kreativ und Ideen reich gestalte.

Tarrus Pleahcz

Im Einklang mit der Natur und durch Wälder zu fahren ist einfach das schönste, und jeder sollte dafür sorgen das dies auch weiterhin möglich ist, in dem er die Natur achtet und sie entsprechend sauber hält.

Jan Eilert Mücke

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