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The beech Beech) was the inspiration for our NEATFLOW Bike Cleaner. Why? Because it is a native deciduous tree, imposing in appearance, versatile in use and with a strong green leaf.

Our BEECH bike cleaner impresses with its high cleaning effect, can be used flexibly and, with its consistently sustainable orientation, has appeal beyond the bike industry.

Like all our products, the BEECH

  • Label-free & biodegradable according to the strict test guideline OECD 301 - compatible with humans and nature
  • Free from dyes and odors, petroleum and animal testing
  • Bottle & labels are made from the renewable Green PE raw material sugar cane (1t Green PE saves up to 2.5t CO2)
  • and the complete system is robust and recyclable – there are refill packs
  • Made in Germany.


  • guarantees, thanks to the unique drop & down function of the spray heads, that you can spray in any position - even overhead - and the bottle is completely emptied - there are no residues in the bottle!
  • We have specially adapted the foam nozzle to the BEECH: It develops a nice, refined foam that stays on the frame for a long time and can therefore have a good effect.