The famous naturalist and medical doctor Hildegard von Bingen comes from our region and has shaped our understanding of the healing powers of nature since the Middle Ages - including coltsfoot. Coltsfoot). It has a calming effect on the respiratory tract and strengthens the body - and applied externally, it is said to heal all wounds.

Our synthetic multi-oil COLTSFOOT is just as versatile and effective - it works extremely well as a corrosion protection and lubricant as well as a maintenance, penetrating and contact oil.


  • comes with a dosing tip that applies the oil precisely and sparingly to the desired area.
  • comes in Economy Pack of 500 ml. This means lower costs for the customer and less waste for all of us.
  • is label-free & biodegradable according to the test guideline OECD - compatible for humans and nature
  • Free from dyes and odors, petroleum and animal testing
  • Bottle & labels are made from the renewable Green PE raw material sugar cane (1t Green PE saves up to 2.5t CO2)
  • Made in Germany