The Dandelion Dandelion) is an extremely adaptable and hardy wild plant. The serrations of the leaves are reminiscent of a lion's teeth (or chain tooth leaf) and it has been used in natural medicine for thousands of years thanks to its stimulating effect on metabolism and digestion - everything then runs like clockwork. No wonder, then, that his name came to mind when we were looking for a godfather for our chain cleaner. Our NEATFLOW chain cleaner Dandelion is an absolute all-rounder with excellent degreasing performance. A real premium product and no dandelion!


Like all our products, the DANDELION

  • Label-free & biodegradable according to the strict test guideline OECD 301 - compatible with humans and nature
  • Free from dyes and odors, petroleum and animal testing
  • Bottle & labels are made from the renewable Green PE raw material sugar cane (1t Green PE saves up to 2.5t CO2)
  • and the entire system is robust and recyclable: With the refill bottles you save money and waste!
  • Made in Germany.



  • is extremely economical despite its high cleaning power,
  • guarantees, thanks to the unique drop & down function of the spray heads, that you can spray in any position - even overhead - and the bottle is completely emptied - there are no residues in the bottle!
  • has a spray head with a brass insert that can withstand even the toughest demands.