• We are not concerned with a clear conscience - we are concerned with a basic conviction. The goal of NEATFLOW is to develop the highest quality care and cleaning products for mountain bikers and at the same time to protect nature as much as possible. We have invested an enormous amount of time and energy in this – and a lot of heart and soul.

  • The result: A comprehensive series of products that achieve top results in tests and at the same time meet the highest sustainability standards! And all of this is developed and produced regionally – Made in Germany.

  • The content of our NEATFLOW cleaners is subject to the strict
    OECD 301 standard - it requires rapid and complete biodegradation under aerobic conditions. Our cleaning agents and oils are all environmentally friendly and humane. They come completely fragrance-free, without
    Solvent-free, dye-free and not tested on animals.


    Our bottles are made of Green PE and are made from sugar cane - a renewable raw material and are therefore completely free of petroleum.

  • When burned, Green PE only releases as much CO2 as the plant previously bound - and our bottles are extremely durable.


    In addition, at NEATFLOW we focus on maximizing the content and the longevity of all parts. With our unique drop & down function, the contents can be completely emptied, the entire system (spray head and bottle) is very robust and reusable - and with the appropriate refill packs it is sustainable and resource-saving.

  • A family business with over 200 years of history decides to expand its field of activity to a future-oriented industry - and discovers its new passion in biking. NEATFLOW is a brand that combines top expertise with an ecological core belief and

  • a passion for MTB: The cleaning and care products from Rhineland-Palatinate are consistent and trimmed down to the last detail for effectiveness and sustainability.
    Made in Germany.

  • The Brothers Schmidt KG was founded in Idar-Oberstein in 1818, is still family-owned and manufactures products for professional building cleaning, among other things. The traditional company's recipe for success? Always keep moving, never stand still, think outside the box. If you walk through Idar-Oberstein with your eyes open and look just a little beyond the outskirts of town, you will see one thing above all: people on bikes. Trails in the surrounding area, a pump track in the city - and with the Bikepark Idarkopf a project that everyone is talking about. The traditional company Brothers Schmidt KG Are you looking for a new promising field of activity? What could be more obvious than a care and cleaning line for mountain bikes?!

  • And so the "cleaning specialist" brings a "bike specialist" on board: Nico Reuter designs and builds with his company ecopark concepts bike parks. He is deeply rooted in the MTB scene - and firmly convinced that the future of the sport lies in its ecological orientation.


    This is how NEATFLOW is born – a mammoth project without compromises. Highly effective, but biodegradable and sustainably packaged cleaning and care products, specially designed for use with MTBs & EMTBs. Freeriders, among others, are testimonials for NEATFLOW Nico
    and William Robert on road.

  • NEATFLOW // The most sustainable bike care series in the world

    We have set ourselves the goal of completely redefining the highest possible standard for sustainability and environmental compatibility. We set new standards and offer you many ecological unique selling points compared to other manufacturers.

    Clean your bike with a clear conscience and reduce your ecological footprint. Together with you we make the difference for a green future.

  • For us, nature is more than just a playground for our sport. That's why we want to protect you together with you.

    With regard to the cleaning and care performance, you don't have to make any compromises with any of our products.

    Welcome to the NEATFLOW movement - for a better future.