The sundew Sundew) has been used for a variety of healing purposes since time immemorial, especially to alleviate respiratory diseases. Even lightly dosed, it lets you properly (like lubricated!) breathe. And so it was obvious that the special wild plant could be the inspiration for our NEATFLOW chain oil.

Our SUNDEW is versatile and can be used sparingly: It is a synthetic-based oil, adheres very well to the drive components and is distributed evenly down to the smallest crack. It is suitable for all weather conditions and all bikes (including eBikes).


  • comes with a dosing tip that applies the oil precisely and sparingly to the desired area.
  • comes in Economy Pack of 500 ml. This means lower costs for the customer and less waste for all of us.
  • is label-free & biodegradable according to the test guideline OECD - compatible for humans and nature
  • Free from dyes and odors, petroleum and animal testing
  • Bottle & labels are made from the renewable Green PE raw material sugar cane (1t Green PE saves up to 2.5t CO2)
  • Made in Germany.