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NEATFLOW Bike Reiniger Beech 1.000 ml GreenPE

NEATFLOW Bike Reiniger Beech 1.000 ml GreenPE

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Product information "NEATFLOW Bike Cleaner Beech 1,000 ml GreenPE"

The beech is a native deciduous tree whose imposing appearance, versatility and ultimately its dark green leaf color convinced us to use it as the godfather for our NEATFLOW bike cleaner.

NEATFLOW Beech stands for a high cleaning effect with maximum yield and compatibility on all materials.

Good for you and nature. Compatibility for people and the environment was a top priority when developing the recipe. Label-free and biodegradable according to OECD 301, the Neatflow Beech Cleaner is an absolute premium product.

The packaging is made from the renewable raw material sugar cane.

The newly developed spray head empties the bottle completely, and the bottle's ergonomic design allows you to work without tiring. The spray head can be used several times to avoid unnecessary waste. Spray head and bottle are sustainably manufactured - here in Germany.


Spray your bike with undiluted NEATFLOW BEECH Bike Cleaner. Rinse with clear water after 3-4 minutes. In the case of heavy soiling, you can also help with a cloth or brush.
Don't let it dry out. Attention very productive!


Bare metal surfaces should be treated with an anti-corrosion agent after cleaning. This prevents rust film on the degreased surfaces. Also ideal for e-bikes.

Neatflow bike cleaner with premium foam spray head
Volume: 1,000mL
Suitable for: DH, FR, EN, AM, CC, e-bikes
Free from: dyes and fragrances, vegan
Made in Germany
Available sizes: 1,000 ml spray bottle, 1,000 ml refill bottle

< 5% anionische Tenside
in-can preservative
Do not leave it in the reach of the children.
Don't swallow. If swallowed, then consult a doctor.
Avoid eye contact. If eye contact occurs, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Flasche - Green PE - I'M GREEN
100% petroleum free
100% from renewable raw materials
100% recyclable in existing recycling streams
1 t "Green PE" stores up to 2.5t CO2
Reduction of harmful greenhouse emissions
When burned, "Green PE" only releases as much CO2 as the plant previously bound.

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