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NEATFLOW Brake Cleaner Thistle Set

NEATFLOW Brake Cleaner Thistle Set

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Product information "NEATFLOW Brake Cleaner Thistle Set"

Thistles are ecologically valuable and serve as food sources for bees, butterflies and other insects - that's why we chose them as the symbol of our horsefly cleaner.

The NEATFLOW brake cleaner Thistle combines a very high cleaning power with optimal compatibility for people and the environment. Most other brake cleaners must be labeled and are harmful to the environment.

The NEATFLOW Thistle does not require labeling and is biodegradable according to OECD 301. This makes the NEATFLOW Thistle a unique premium product.


As with all NEATFLOW cleaners, we also use a bottle made from the renewable raw material sugar cane and a high-quality, reusable spray system, which enables fatigue-free work and complete emptying of the bottle. Completely Made-in-Germany, of course.

The NEATFLOW brake cleaner Thistle is also available as a refill bottle. Buy the NEATFLOW Thistle refill bottle, unscrew the spray head and you can continue cleaning your bike in an environmentally friendly way. This saves you money and at the same time protects the environment because you produce less waste.


Spray the discs of your brakes with the NEATFLOW THISTLE brake cleaner and let it take effect before you devote yourself intensively to your brake system with a rag. Attention very productive!


Due to the extremely high degreasing performance, the brakes can briefly show signs of rust film after cleaning. However, these disappear again after the first actuation of the brake. Also ideal for e-bike brakes.

Neatflow Thistle Brake Cleaner with Premium Spray Head and Neatflow Thistle Brake Cleaner Refill
Volume: your 500 ml
Suitable for: DH, FR, EN, AM, CC, e-bikes
Free from: dyes and fragrances, vegan
Made in Germany
Sizes available: 500ml spray bottle, 500ml refill bottle

< 5% anionische Tenside
in-can preservative

Do not leave it in the reach of the children.
Don't swallow. If swallowed, then consult a doctor.
Avoid eye contact. If eye contact occurs, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Flasche - Green PE - I'M GREEN
100% petroleum free
100% from renewable raw materials
100% recyclable in existing recycling streams
1 t "Green PE" stores up to 2.5t CO2
Reduction of harmful greenhouse emissions
When burned, "Green PE" only releases as much CO2 as the plant previously bound.

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