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NEATFLOW Starter Kit 2.0

NEATFLOW Starter Kit 2.0

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Product information "NEATFLOW Starter Kit 2.0"

The power of the NEATFLOW cleaners Beech, Thistle and Dandelion in a complete range - we have put together the NEATFLOW Premium Starter Kit 2.0 for you.

The high-quality and very stable 5 liter bucket (Made in Germany) contains a ready-to-use bottle of NEATFLOW Bike Cleaner Beech, NEATFLOW Brake Cleaner Thistle and NEATFLOW Chain Cleaner Dandelion.

In order for you to achieve the perfect cleaning result, we include a chain brush and a microfibre cloth with the Starter Kit 2.0. With the two-sided brush you can optimally clean your rear derailleur, chain and sprocket. With the microfibre cloth you give your bike the finishing touch.

With the NEATFLOW Starter Kit 2.0, cleaning your bike is done in no time and you can chill and enjoy your cold drink.


1x NEATFLOW Beech Bike Cleaner 1 liter with Drop and Down premium foam spray head
1x NEATFLOW Thistle Brake Cleaner 0,5 Liter mit Drop and Down Premium-Sprühkpopf
1x NEATFLOW Dandelion Chain Cleaner 0,5 Liter mit Drop and Down Premium-Sprühkopf
1x NEATFLOW 5 liter bucket white (material: PP)
1x NEATFLOW micro fiber cloth gray (material: 80% PES, 20% PA, washable up to 60°C)
1x NEATFLOW chain cleaning brush

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